Monday, June 20, 2011


I originally planned to leave all my BTC as BTC until at least the end of the year, however I decided to limit my risk by making a purchase with them.  Approximately 34 BTC later, I have a $540 gift card.

Since I am unsure about mining long-term, I purchased a 990FX motherboard which will serve a second purpose later, as host to an AMD bulldozer CPU :)  I also bought a high-end power supply, some RAM, and a cheap CPU for mining.  Along with some 5830s I previously rescued from a sale, I will make a triple 5830 based mining rig.

In other news, suffered from a bit of an incident yesterday.  A hacker dumped over 250k BTC on the market, tanking the price down to $0.01 per BTC briefly, and attempted to steal as much as he could given the $1000/day limit.  Mtgox has since shut down to clean up the mess and revert all trades from the big sale on.  Mtgox is reportedly still working on fixing things, so has become the exchange of choice.  However, tradehill has been nearly unusable due to lag, it seems that they were not completely ready for the load of the entire bitcoin community.

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